FAQ & Rules



Athletic trainers on contract to the Players’ Cup are available at the playing fields throughout the competition to assist with minor injuries. More serious injuries may be attended to at emergency center facilities in Boulder or Longmont, Colorado. Please note that parking in the fire lanes will hamper the efforts of emergency responders and will lead to significant fines.


A team representative (Coach, Manager, other) is required to check-in his or her team(s) in ONLINE BEFORE 10pm on August 5th. At 10pm on August 5th GotSoccer will freeze all rosters and no changes or check-in will be able to be completed after that deadline.

All required items and check-in instructions can be found on the check-in page here at Playerscup.net.

Once your team is checked-in you will get a confirmation from GotSoccer. You will need to bring a medical release form for every player (including guest player’s) to the tournament as well as each players (including guest player’s) valid players card that you submitted to GS after checking-in.


The host presenter is FC Boulder, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Colorado corporation.  Proceeds from the event benefit FC Boulder and St Vrain FC.

The Players’ Cup is sanctioned by US Youth Soccer, the Colorado Soccer Association and US Club Soccer as a class I tournament open to competition from affiliated U.S. teams in good standing with their respective associations.  Player passes and travel papers are required.

The Players’ Cup is being conducted in accordance with Colorado Soccer Association’s Laws of the Game, except as tailored to suit the unique circumstances of the tournament. The following guidelines and rules may be unique to the 2019 Players’ Cup.


All participants in the Players’ Cup will be expected to maintain high standards of conduct throughout the event.  These standards are expected of players, parents, coaches, referees and other attendees.  Should it come to the attention of the Tournament Director that a person (or persons) has failed to observe these guidelines, the Tournament Director reserves the right to take remedial action. Said action, depending upon the circumstances, may range from a warning, a reduction in points in the current standings, or banning that team and/or all teams in its club from current or future participation in the tournament.

IMPORTANT –  if any adult affiliated with any team (e.g, coach, assistant coach, team manager, parent, grandparent or team supporter) is dismissed from a match for any reason, that team will lose 1 point in their group standings.


The City of Boulder graciously provides access to the Pleasant View Soccer Fields and East Boulder Community Center for this tournament and the City of Longmont provides the Sandstone Ranch Soccer Complex. Applicable rules will be applied to all city-owned and operated facilities. Any rules’ violations could jeopardize tournament participation. This is most importantly in regards to the parking guidelines. Additionally, pets, bicycles, glass bottles or alcohol are not allowed at the soccer complexes.


In the event of severe weather (including lightning), the Field Marshall or Tournament Director may suspend play. If games are suspended, all players, coaches and spectators must leave the fields and immediately take cover in the nearest available shelter. Play will resume when “all clear” is signaled. If delays are lengthy, the Tournament Director reserves the right to conclude any game that has already reached halftime. Scores at that point will be considered final.


The Tournament Director will determine playing conditions in conjunction with the on-site referee assignor. Teams will be expected to play regardless of weather. Only the Tournament Director may reschedule games because of weather, and in this event, each coach must assume the responsibility of checking at the administration center for reschedule information the same day as play was suspended.



Boys: Fall 2019 U11 – U15  teams

Girls: Fall 2019 U11 – U19  teams

League/Club/Association teams.  Not more than five (5) guest players (download the guest player form here). All players must be registered with CSA, USYS, AYSO or US Club Soccer. Cost is $795 for all 11v11 age groups and $595 for all 9v9 age groups.


Teams invited to participate are selected on the basis of relative strength of teams (taking into consideration win/loss records, difficulty of schedule, strength of opponents, and geographic balance).

  1. An ejected player (red card) and/or coach (dismissal) is ineligible for the next game including the final should that be the team’s next game.
  2. The coach is responsible for the actions of his or her team’s spectators, specifically verbal abuse of referees. Such abuse will not be tolerated. Violation may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from further play. Additionally, if any adult affiliated with any team (e.g, coach, assistant coach, team manager, parent, grandparent or team supporter) is dismissed from a match for any reason, that team will lose 1 point in their group standings.
    1. Any player who receives an accumulation of two (2) yellow cards during the tournament must sit out the next game.
    2. Any coach who withdraws their team from the field during the game will be dismissed and their team will forfeit the match. Any team withdrawing from a game will forfeit and could face further punishment.
    3. Referees will take note of all ejections as furnished by the Tournament Director prior to game time and ensure that any such ineligible players or coaches do not participate in the match. Referees will also notify the on-site Referee Assignor of any yellow and/or red cards in the game just completed by clearly noting the same on the game card turned in to the Field Marshall.
    4. The Tournament Director will make note of card(s) issued and the offenses, which will be submitted to CSA for application to regular league and other tournament games. Out-of-state teams will have the reports submitted to their respective state and/or league associations.
    5. The use and consumption of alcoholic beverages immediately before, during or after the playing of any youth soccer game is expressly prohibited. Any player or team official who violates this prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or suspension by the Tournament Director.
  1. A player may play for only one team during the tournament.
  2. A coach may coach more than one team during the tournament; however, suspensions may apply across all of their teams if the Tournament Director deems the measure to be suitable.
  3. Each team must have a certified roster and a Guest Player Roster (if applicable) with a total of not more than eighteen (18) players to be presented by the coach or manager to the Field Referee prior to the start of the match.  Player passes will be checked by the Field Referee against the roster. The Field Referee will keep the roster and the player passes during the game.
  4. If a player pass is not presented to the Field Referee prior to the start of the match, the player may not participate in that game.
  5. Each player must be able to prove their age if challenged by the opposing team through the Referee.
  6. If a player plays in a game and is not properly registered, his or her team shall automatically forfeit that game and, depending upon the nature of the violation,  may face further disciplinary action by the Tournament Director.
  7. If a team is unable to supply a valid roster, it will be subject to forfeiting the game. The game may still be played, but only upon agreement by the referee in conjunction with the referee assignor and/or Tournament Director.
  8. All passes and rosters are to be returned to the coach or manager of the team at the conclusion of the game unless a player or coach is ejected for misconduct. It is the responsibility of the coach to retrieve the passes and roster at the conclusion of the match. It is responsibility of the Field Referee to turn in all passes of ejected players to the Field Marshall and also to notify the Field Marshall of any ejection of coaches.


All teams shall have at least two (2) sets of uniforms. All team members must have shirts the same color (except goalkeeper) and all shorts must be the same color. All players must also have the same color socks. All players will be identified with a different number. The home team should wear the darker of their uniform options and the away team should wear the lighter of their uniform options. Goalkeepers must both wear colors that do not conflict with either team, with the home goalkeeper having first choice after the two outfield teams have chosen their colors. Referees will then select their colors.


Each team will present its final roster and guest player roster (if applicable) to the Tournament Director not later than one hour before their first scheduled game. The Tournament Director will provide an official copy of the team roster bearing an official tournament sticker or stamp for field use prior to the first game.



Teams will be seeded according to team strength based on current league standings, information received on the application and supporting documents. Every effort will be made to provide as wide a geographic variety of opponents as possible for each participant. The tournament reserves the right to combine groups together where there are not enough teams entered. Note: after scheduling is complete and a team withdraws, there will be no reseeding of teams.


A minimum of three (3) matches are guaranteed to each team. In a 4-team group, the top two teams will play in the final. In a 6-team group (2 brackets of 3 teams each), the top 2 total point totals will play in the final. In a 8-team group, the winner of each 4-team bracket will play in the final.


Team standings in group play will be based on the following point system for each game played: Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points. A forfeit will give the opposition 3 points and will be recorded as a 4-0 win.


If at the conclusion of the qualifying matches, two or more teams are tied, the standings within the group shall be determined by:

  1. Head-to-head competition
  2. Fewest ejections received by players, coaches and parents.
  3. Goal difference (Total Goals Scored minus total Goals Conceded. Maximum of +4 or -4 goal difference for each game)
  4. Fewest goals against (no maximums)
  5. Most goals for (no maximums)
  6. Coin Toss (done by the Tournament Director at the conclusion of the group phase)
  • KNOCK-OUT GAMES (Finals)

If at the conclusion of regulation play in a final, there is a tie, the match shall be decided by penalty kicks, per FIFA regulations (best of 5 kicks from each team, followed by sudden death if necessary). There will be no extra time. 


Protests must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director and will only be considered if there is a proven misapplication of rules of violations. No subjective decisions will be considered. The Tournament Director’s decision is final on all matters.


Play the Whistle is the contracted referee assignor for the 2018 Players’ Cup and shall be responsible for procuring and assigning all tournament referees.


If a scheduled team does not report for play within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled starting time, the game will be declared a forfeit.

If a team forfeits a final with advanced notice, the Tournament Director reserves the right to replace that team with the team having the next highest point total.


Games shall be considered completed if the first half has concluded and play is stopped by either the field referee, Referee Assignor or the Tournament Director.  The score at the stoppage of play will be the final game score. If the first half has not been completed and the game is stopped, every effort will be made to complete the game. If the game is cancelled before it starts, every effort will be made to reschedule the game. Note: if necessary, game lengths may be shortened for rescheduled games. However, in the event that rescheduling is not possible, and the game cancellation creates a situation where teams within the division are unable to play an equal number of qualifying games, the divisional winner will be determined on the basis of average tournament points for games played. The team with the highest average points will be declared the winner of the flight. In the event there is a tie, which cannot be resolved by point averaging, the winner/advancing team will be determined by coin toss.


If games are cancelled because of weather or other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, refund will be proportionally awarded based on the scale below:

  • One (1) entire game cancelled = Refund $25% of registration fee + $50 credit towards next year’s tournament
  • Two (2) entire games cancelled = Refund $50% of registration fee + $50 credit towards next year’s tournament
  • Three (3) entire games cancelled = Refund 75% of registration fee + $100 credit towards next year’s tournament
A 4th game on Sunday does not receive any refund if cancelled and does not count towards any of the above bullet points.


  1. U11-U12 games will be 30 minutes per half (unless affected by weather)
  2. U13-U14 games will be 35 minutes per half (unless affected by weather)
  3. U15-U19 games will be 40 minutes per half (unless affected by weather)


The first place teams in each age group will receive a team award. All players on the first and second place teams in each age group will also receive individual awards.


  1. Any situation or questions on rules of competition not covered herein will be governed by the Colorado Soccer Association’s Laws of the Game.
  2. Any matters not provided for in either the rules of the Colorado Soccer Association’s Laws of the Game shall be determined by the Tournament Director, whose decisions shall be final.