Welcome to the Players' Cup

  • Taking place on August 8-11, 2019, The Players’ Cup continues to be focused on giving the greatest possible experience for players and coaches. The perfect weekend, top quality fields, a true destination city and the best level of competition to kickoff your fall season.

    We are a full service tournament, with multiple divisions at every age level from U11-U19 girls and U11-U15 boys. We limit the number of teams in each bracket to keep quality high and make scheduling simple for everyone. Our selection process will focus on providing the closest game scores, rather than creating divisions purely for numbers and revenue. All teams will get three games, on the best fields we have.

    For coaches with more than one team, we will schedule around you and, where possible, provide back-to-back games on the same field. We will give you a week to ask for any changes to make the schedule work best for you.

    The Players’ Cup is organized and run through a partnership between FC Boulder and St. Vrain FC, allowing access to three great soccer complexes. Collaboration between clubs has always been the primary goal of Players’ Cup and we are proud to continue in that spirit for the 2019 event.

    Got Soccer has rated our boys’ tournament as a Premier event and our girls’ tournament as a Gold event for five consecutive years. We are the only Premier boys tournament in Colorado!

    We continue to provide the best player and coach gifts around (and not just because most tournaments have stopped giving them out!), our food plaza areas will provide a variety of food options, and we are minutes from one of the prettiest downtown areas in the country. As for the hiking and tubing

    The Players’ Cup really is a tournament designed specifically for the players and coaches. Over the last six years, we have raised the expectation levels of our attendees and we will continue to try to do this, for the good of youth soccer. We encourage you and your team to come experience the Players’ Cup for yourselves. Thanks for considering our event!