Registration for the 2017 Players’ Cup is open: REGISTER HERE  

Registration Deadline is Friday, July 21 at 12:00PM. This year’s tournament is filling up quickly. Be sure to register now so your players can experience the 2017 Players’ Cup!

Coaches or Team Managers are required to check their team(s) in a minimum of one (1) hour before their first game, at Tournament Headquarters tents at either Pleasant View or Sandstone Ranch. If your first game is not at one of these venues, stop by one of them on your way (East Boulder Community Center is close to Pleasant View and Twin Peaks is close to Sandstone Ranch).

Please bring two (2) paper copies of your roster (that we will keep), 2 copies of your guest player roster, player cards for EVERY player (including guest players) and medical releases for EVERY player as well. In return we will give you players’ and coaches’ gifts.

If you have guest players, download and complete the form here and bring it to check-in.